Giggles Faces N Glitter knows that your children are precious, we think so to. We ask that you supervise your child when coming to an event or at to your special event. Children get so excited and what to see what is going on. In their excitement children will crowd your entertainer or each other trying to see who is being painted. This makes for an unsafe environment and a child may get hurt pushing each other to get up close to see.

Children have delicate skin this is why we only use the highest quality of theatrical grade cosmetics face paints, professional cosmetic grade glitter and professional polishes and make up.

All products are FDA approved in Canada and the United States.

Some face paints one can purchase in a craft store, dollar store or that come at Halloween are not high grade and have ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin.
We follow the health and safety regulations put out by Capital Health for sanitation and safety.

We use disposable stencils for our Glitter tattoos so you know it is sanitary and no one else has used it and left it unsanitized.

Balloons :  Children love balloons and we love children.  We cannot make balloons for children under the age of three years of age.  This is a safety regualtion by Canadian safety standards.  If anyone ( of any age ) puts a balloon in their mouth or an adult allows a child to put a balloon in their mouth , they risk serious concequeces.  When a balloon breaks tiny pieces of balloon particles brake away.  If a balloon is in a  mouth a balloon partical can get into their airway and block breathing.  It is not easy to dislodge a piece of balloon from an airway.  This can cause death !  We care about your children and would not want this to happen.  For safety reasons we are not permitted to make balloons for children under the age of 3 years. Adult supervision is recommended for all children 8 years and under with balloons.  You would not allow a child to put a plastic bag over their head, please don't allow them to put a balloon in their mouth. A broken balloon in the mouth can cause injury or even worse, lets keep happy events happy.

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