Question :Why should I hire a professional entertainer for our event?

Answer : Entertainers are experienced in engaging our guests and keeping them occupied and happy.  This takes out the guest work for the hostess and removes a lot of the stress that goes along with pary planning and worries about if your guests are having a good time. 

Question: Why are the rates what they are? 

 ( direct quote from the examiner ).

While your face painter may only spend an average of one to three hours at your event, that's not the only time she puts in working on it. She uses some of her time to travel to your event, set up before it starts, and close down when it ends. This averages from 60 to 90 minutes per event. She doesn't charge you directly for this time, but she incurs it for every event. She also takes the time to clean and disinfect her kit each time she uses it, cleaning her paint palettes, brushes, sponges, table cloth, and chair cover. She also spends time sending out quotes (to you and to other potential clients), managing a website, marketing her business, practicing designs, planning new designs, designing business cards and signs, keeping financial accounts, and researching and preparing for special party themes. Again, you aren't charged directly for these time costs, but the average face painter will spend at least 10 to 20 hours per week on them, and possibly more.

The money cost

Sometimes a parent will comment, "What a great business. All you have to do is buy some paint, so it doesn't really cost that much." On the outside, the face painter keeps smiling and painting. In the inside, she's shaking her head in disbelief.

Because face painting depends largely on an artist's ability to travel, a face painting business is expensive to run. Approximately ten to fifteen percent of the gross income for a face painter goes to travel, which includes gas and car maintenance. For face painters who operate in the heart of large cities, it may include public transportation or taxi costs. Other expenses include high quality face paints which are FDA compliant, your kit, liability insurance, chairs, tables, quality brushes, visual reference materials, canopies, table cloths, a camera, a website and a multitude of other supplies. The list could go on. Some expenses are optional, but most are important for face painters who want to stay competitive. Many face painters also invest in classes which are given by master face painters either online or in person.

Once a face painter has deducted all of the expenses listed above, which come to about 40 percent or more of her gross income, the government takes about 30 percent of whatever is left. Self-employment tax approximately doubles what a person running her own business pays for taxes over what a person employed by a company pays. When you split up what's left by the hours a face painter puts in during the week as well as the time spent face painting, the result is a modest amount which is far smaller than the initial fee charged to a client.

So next time you hire a face painter, don't be shocked by her rates. She loves what she's doing, but it's still a business. The costs are high, but the income is not when it's spread out over the time invested to keep it running successfully.

When looking for a face painter, don't be quick to settle for a low price. Examine the artist's gallery for quality in workmanship. More expensive face painters bring speed, skill, and experience with them. They're more likely to have liability insurance and higher quality face painting supplies. This is going to translate into a better and safer experience for the guests at your event, and it is worth the extra investment on your part to hire a professional artist who knows what she's doing not only in painting, but in running her business.

Question : Can I have several entertainers out for my event ?

Answer: Yes you can. We have a selection of talented artist to choose from. We will do our best to send as many performers as you need for your event whether it be six face painters or  a variety of performers doing face painting, balloon twisting, ineractive bubbling, games, walk about clowns and clowning around, magician,  stilt walker  or tattoo artist.

Question : Can I have one entertainer do several things at our event?

Yes, some of our entertainers are trained and skilled in several areas of entertainment. The artist may be able to do two or three services however each entertainer has one area where he or she specialize.

Question : Is there a minimum or maximum booking time ?

Answer: We have 45 minute minimum booking time for magic shows. Most face painters have a minimum hour and a half booking time however, a few do one hour minimum booking time for all other events. You may have us all day or all week, we will schedul in breaks if needed.

Question : Do you travel outside of Edmonton?

Answer: Yes our performers do travel. Let us know the location of the event and the duration of the event. If the event is more than one day or overnight accomodation are required due to the location of the event, we will factor in a travel fee. The fee may vary depending on the price of gas, the location of your event and the amount of time the performer is booked for.  A 4 hour booking will have a lower travel fee then a 2 hour booking.

Question : Are the entertainers professionals?

Answer: Yes all of the performers are professionally trained. Each performer has an area of expertise. The entertainers go to special schools ( such as Clown school ), take part in professionally guided workshops ( such as advanced balloon twisting ) and or go to conventions ( such as face and body art conventions ) on a regular basis sometimes up to 4 times a year. The performers also get together to do "jam sessions " and brain storm as well as share new things they have learned. Our entertainers also spend many hours practicing their skills when they are not performing.

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