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  1. May 1st

    What can I say? " Time flies when we are having fun."  Last month for Spring break Miss Giggles and some of the Giggles team were at Ikea doing face painting, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, living statue, stilt walking and walk around magic.  Fun was had by, kids, parents, staff of Ikea and of course the Giggle team. 

    May 2nd is Mc Happy day.  You can come to the McDonald's Delton location on 82 street and 127 ave to see Miss Giggles doing balloon twisting.  She is donating her services to raise money for Ronald McDonald house.  Please come out to say hello and support this worth cause.  .  Lady M. Will be at the Stadium McDonalds stilt walking and blowing bubbles, go have your picture take with her.

    On May 5th the BMO on 23rd ave in Millwoods is opening a new branch . Come out between 11AM and 2 PM and say hello and get your face painted and a balloon figure. 

    In June the Autism society will be having their ride for Autism.  Miss Giggles will be there from 10 am to Noon June 3rd doing face painting for this fund raising event. 

  2. Now the children are back to school and the weather is getting cooler.  Things don't seem to be slowing down too much even with the children in school.  Giggles Faces N Glitter now has one more service added.  We now have a living Statue.  Our living statue comes to us with over 15 years experience.  She has done street festivals, The Fringe, Art galleries, Show homes, grand openings and Gala's and more.  A living statue is a great hit at corporate events, grand openings, Gala's , fund raisers, and so many other places. 

    Companies are starting to book their Christmas parties now for November and December.  If you are planning a birthday party in those months you may not want to wait too long to book your entertainment.

  3. Post

    We had a very rainy July but that did not stop the parties from happening.  We are moving right along busy as ever and booking into the fall.  Christmas parties are starting to book now so if you have a coporate event you may want to look at booking it soon so you get your desired date and time.

  4. Well the summer has been very busy here as you can see we got so busy we missed out on Junes blog.

    Let me tell you that FABIA was just amazing, I took classes with Donna Dewberry, the Wolff Brothers, Christopher Augastino, Lori Hurlie and so many more I would have to go back into my records to check them all but what I can say is it was absolutely amazing.

    Our roster of performers continues to grow ( that is great, I hate having to tell someone we can't accommodate them )and we are offering some services now. We have recently added on the Elegant expression parties ( something beautiful and fun for the ladies ) and Lip tattoos, both are a wonderful idea for the stagette parties, girls night out or a baby shower.

    The lip tattoos have been a great hit and new to Canada. They are a tattoo just for your lips. You can get regular concervitive looks like just lipstick or lips with fun prints or words like love, smooch or kiss. Some of the prints that are real popular are stripes, zebra or leopard print, hearts and polka dots. If your real adventurous you can even get fishnet look. Now how fun is that. The lip tattoos are great for those events you don't want to keep touching up your lipstick, night out on the town, wedding, a special event or just having some fun.

    The lip tattoo is meant to last from 4 to 8 hours and you can eat and drink while wearing them. I put a pair to the test. I put them on, had lunch, went about my day, drank about 2 L of liquids, got sweaty in the garden, showered, had dinner, brushed my teeth, went to bed and woke up in the morning and still had my lip tattoo on. At that point I just washed them off with a warm wash cloth. They were just as fun for friends and neighbours to see them on me as I had wearing them. I wore coral with polka dots.


    Things are hopping here and getting very exciting for the month of May. Block parties are happening all over the city so that is a sure sign of the warmer months to come.

    This month Miss Giggles will be going to Orlando for the Face and body art international conevention being held at the mouth of Universal studios. Some of the finests instructors from the UK, Europe and the States will be there giving hands on instruction and classes to face body painters that have come from all corners of North America to learn from the best.

    Chicklet and Odelia will be heading off to Calgary for Clown camp to have some more fun clowinging around and doing what they love so much. I am looking forward to seeing the what kind of tricks they come back with in
    their bags.

    Now that the weather is getting warmer remember to use sunblock, we can paint over it and it will still be effective.

  5. Latest News

    Well now that we have April is it safe to say Spring is in the air? We thought that in February what a surprise that was.

    The winter months were very busy at Giggles Faces N Glitter, now with the warmer weather and spring coming people are starting to think about parties in the spring and Summer months. When the weather gets warmer the weekends book quickly, when you know you’re having your event book it as soon as you can so you will get the day and time you want. The warmer days do book fast but we will do the best we can to accommodate your event.

    We want your event to be great so we would like you to let us know if there are any allergy concerns with your guests. If you have a guest with a latex allergy we recommend not having balloon twisting at your event. Please let us know if a guest may have an air born allergy to something such as nuts. We would not want to have a peanut butter sandwich before your event if someone may have an allergy reaction.

    We want to be sensitive to allergie’s, scent allergies are very common so we refrain from wearing perfume when we go to events.

    We are offering a special for the month of April. When you book your event let us know how many children you expect and we will bring a gift for each child.


    It looks like spring is coming..... Well yes we do have Valentines day first to have but look at the lovely weather we have been having. There is something about the sun that gets us Albertans eagerly looking forward to the spring, gardening and the warm months again.

    Many parents are really on the ball with looking forward to the warmer weather and looking at planning outdoor parties already. Good on you, you will have your children's entertainment all set up, stress free and kids having fun.

    Feb 10th to 13th at the Edmonton Agracom was the RV show. What a show. I would like to thank Darcy from Paradise RV in Leduc for inviting me out to paint faces. Not only were there a lot of happy children getting their faces painted Courtesy of Paradise RV, there was a lot of happy Mom's and Dad's, may I add...... Wow there are some really impressive RV's and Darcy has some very attentive staff. Way to go guys.

    I would just like to remind parents when you are looking for your face painter for your special event shop around, buyer beware. Don't assume everyone has the same qualifications or uses professional products. Whether you choose a painter that face paints as a hobby or a professional career it is important to confirm that the painters are using FDA approved professional face paints, and follow the health and safety standards put out by Capital health for sanitation and cleansing.

    It is also good to make sure they are lisenced and insured, your children are valuable gifts and no one wants rashes, irritations, skin infections (contracted or passed on ) or incidents. Your children are precious, well I think they are anyways and so should everyone else.


    Well January has some in like a lion, what happened to March? Regardless January is here and even through the crazy snow storms we have had coming our way birthday parties are going on strong. Keep in mind even in January it is not too early to book summer events. We have already had many bookings and inquiries for the 2011 Summer season. The warm months still seem so far away but it comes sooner than we know, be sure you book well enough in advance for your event.

    Coming up in May 2011 in Orlando Florida is Fabaic, Face and Body Art International Convention. This will be the 10th Anniversary of Fabaic and Miss Giggles will be there taking more classes from some real incredible professional artist.

    There will be over 45 amazing instructors for this six day convention. Just a few are Marcela Murad, Gary Cole, Erika Harrison, Nick and Brian Wolfe, Pashur, Wolf Reicherter and so many more. What an exciting event this will be.

    Stay tuned to find out about the special that Miss Giggles will be offering for February or inquire when you call to make your February bookings.


    Well Christmas is now uponus and what a busy month this has been. It is always fun when we start to do Christmas parties, it is out opportunity to do face designs that we would not do the rest of the year. The most popular designs have been the Christmas Princess, Christmas masks, Rudolph and snowmen. still is a huge request with the boys all year round.

    We are looking forward to practicing some new designs for the new year and expanding our balloon twisting to include larger and fancier balloon designs.

    This was a record year for us at Giggles Faces N Glitter for Christmas parties, corporate events and we even managed to fit in a few Birthday parties as well, great work team. Thank you to all those that are thinking ahead and have already booked for next years parties.


    Here we are waiting for the cold to hit and still no snow. This is great for Grey cup so far. Grey cup will be held in Edmonton this year and Giggles Faces N Glitter will be there with a team of painters from Wed Nov 24th to Sunday Nov 28th at Church hill Square and on game day the 28th we will also have more painters at the Stadium prior to the game.

    September is a blur and October came and left. With the weather being so mild it appeared that more children were out longer with trick or treating.

    It won't be long before December is upon us and we will have the rush of Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and sending out cards. If you want to add some fun to your family events during the holiday season remember that Giggles Faces N Glitter does work over the Holiday season. Don't forget to book your New Years entertainment, this is the time to do it so you won't be disappointed.


    Well Bodyssey 2010 in Calgary was a fun and informative as always. It was great to see old friends from across Canada and the United States and make new ones as well.

    Cathy Corbette was there teaching seasoned face painters how to do amazing cats using prosthetics. I really had a great time in her class and found new ways to take my feline designs to a higher level. Thanks Cathy.

    Mark Reid was there showing us his new and some of his older and favorite designs for boys and girls young and old alike. Mark's protege Leah was along side and it was great to see her artistic talents at work in face and body artistry. Leah also instructed some great classes in Internet and web design.

    This was my first time taking a couple of Jinny's classes. She really has a great flare depth perception, illusions and designs. Jinny's many years of make up artistry really come through strong in shading, highlighting really cool eye designs.

    Jody Carr of American Face painters magazine was teaching us great designs that were cute, fast and creative. I love Jody's soft and gentle nature, she's patient and a very good teacher. She takes what would look like a complicated design and breaks it down to be so easy.

    I was delighted to meet Rebecca, the creator of Arty cakes. She is one of these great ladies that one can just go up to her and chat comfortably as if you have always known her. Rebecca has such a great talent for putting a mixture of colors together and getting a great design guaranteed to make anyone go oooh aww. Rebecca makes butterflies so easy. Thanks Rebecca your a real Sweetheart.

    Lucy Bourard, now here is a very talented lady that makes Alberta her home. She has won first place in both face and body art internationally. I was delighted to spend a full day taking one of her classes. There is so much I could say about Lucy as a talented artist and teacher. I am amazed how she takes colors, puts them together and brings them to life. It's easy for a face and body artist to see someone else that's had the pleasure of studying under Lucy. The art work is color and design that jumps out and says WOW.

    Mark Laurie and Steve Right were there with a team of photographers taking great shots of all the art work that was done and making them look even more amazing. Many face and body artists went away with some great pictures to add to their portfolios. Thanks Mark for your dedication and hard work.

    There were many more instructors at convention that were incredible and each one had something unique for us to learn as far as creativity, style and technique goes. It was great to have so many teachers under one roof.

    Lizzy, Marion and Shelly put in more hours than I am sure what seem to exists to putting everything together, getting many wonderful instructors, finding a place for it all to happen and getting the show on the road. These ladies put in a lot of sweat to get the convention happening. Thank you.
    A great big thank you to all the models that so graciously donated their time to be painted. We were even blessed to have a delightful young woman come from the Netherlands on her own dollar to offer herself as a model. How cool is that ?

    I had a great time and came away with many new tricks and great techniques I have already put to work. I am already thinking about the next workshops and conventions I would like to take.
    Miss Giggles will be at the Fort Saskatchewan Trade fair on April 25th from 12 -2 pm. Thank you to The Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce for supporting this event

    Miss Giggles will be attending Bodyssey 2010 this year to be held this August in Calgary.

    Bodyssey is a Canadian held convention for Face and Body artists. Instuctors from across North America , internationally known and have won first, second or third places in various artistry competitions around the world.

    Miss Giggles will be expanding her artistic talents in body art to full body art.

    Don't forget to book ahead for your special event such as Canada Day and Christmas parties.

    November to January is a very busy time for Christmas parties. Many companies will hire their entertainment as much as a year in advance in order to secure their choice entertainment. Don't be disappointed, book in advance.

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